nViso Secures 8.5M EUR Research Grant for European AI Marketplace

1st July, 2017

The Bonseyes project aims to develop an open platform to transform Artificial Intelligence development from a cloud model, dominated by large internet companies, to an edge device centric model through a marketplace, deep learning toolbox, and developer reference platforms.

In contrast to existing solutions that require a high level of expertise, time, and cost to add Artificial Intelligence to products, Bonseyes provides access to advanced tools and services that can be obtained through a marketplace and eco-system of collaborative leading academic and industrial partners. This will allow for a major reduction in cost and time to enable products with cognitive and Artificial Intelligence capabilities at an European and global level. Bonseyes will enable Europe to become a leading global player in the coming “AI-as-a-Service” economy.

Bonseyes is a three-year project coordinated by nViso and is backed by 14 academic and industrial partners reflecting the high interest in this cross-disciplinary area of systems of artificial intelligence on embedded and resource constrained devices. It has received funding of 8.5M EUR from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program and by the Swiss State Secretariat Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) and started in December 2016.


Project flyer

More information please visit Bonseyes